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Today, up betimes to market, where I purchased a delightful biscuit… - The Diary of Jerry Pepys [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
The Diary of Jerry Pepys

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[Sep. 8th, 2006|12:40 pm]
The Diary of Jerry Pepys
Today, up betimes to market, where I purchased a delightful biscuit called a "hostess cup cake". I know not this hostess but would endeavor to meet her. When I enquired to the shopkeeper as to her name and location, he gave me eyes such as I were a common idiot, then asked me to take leave of the market.

I am of late making my stead in a settlement by the name of Austin. It lieth on a river, which deceivingly is called a lake by the townspeople, for what reason I know not. I may know little, but I do know a river when I see one. I take that most people in this place are oafs, either slackards wearing ill-fitting clothing and unsightly sandalls, or members of the local Parliament, which do carry themselves in a most serious and haughty manner.

Many in the town are vexed by the arrival of hordes from the North, a most unpleasant place called Ohiyo (it is a name given by the aboriginal people). In the local taverns I hear tell of its squalor and barbarism. This all being for a match or game of some sort.

The subject of which reminds me, yester-day I did wander around the heart of the city, and came upon a strange house. Upon its front, leaned three large letters in what seem Cyrillic. Much noise and gaiety was occurring within this building. Twas not an ale-house, but some other strange gathering. I must make note of the letters and place, and return anon, for as to find out what manner of merriment lies within.