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jerry_pepys's Journal

The Diary of Jerry Pepys
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Early Life

Jerry Pepys was the younger, less successful brother of Samuel Pepys. Not much is known about Jerry's early life. He worked as a custardmonger -- a producer and deliverer of custard. (At the time, "custard" referred to an unappetizing yet nutritious delicacy of suet, raw eggs, mashed pomegranates, and salt.)

Arrival in 2005
Historians have determined that in 1670, at the age of 35, Jerry visited the Cambridge study of Sir Isaac Newton, probably while making a delivery. (At this time, Newton was in his well-known "custard phase" and research indicates he was eating upwards of 25 to 30 gallons of custard daily.) Newton was working on his "Chronological Torsion Engine", a primitive time machine which he later abandoned. Known for being somewhat clumsy (once described by his older brother as "a silly and ill-balanced oaf, scarcely able to walk a plumb line befor making an utter Jack-Ape of himself"), Pepys apparently fell into this device and was transported to the year 2005.

Samuel Pepys

Jerry Pepys
Daily Journal
Pepys attempted to keep a daily journal, mostly in covetous imitation of his older brother. His journal gives us a glimpse into his thoughts, his opinions, and the times in which he lived.

Annotations and Submissions
Annotations are provided for some entries, to help modern readers fully understand the context or unusual vocabulary. Readers and guest annotators are welcome to provide any information that they may have.